In 2017 the hair blog ¬†Key To Curls was started by Bahamian naturalists¬†Rakia, a young woman born and raised in The Bahamas; who wanted to help other newly natural persons by sharing her journey and knowledge of hair care and maintenance. Rakia started her natural hair journey in 2014 when she did her very first big chop. Like many others she started off her journey by transitioning; but shortly after she decided to do the big chop and expresses that; that is the moment that has changed her life for the better of course. 13,000 plus followers later the Key To Curls brand has expanded to include it’s own natural hair product line.

Key To Curls LLC officially launched in February 2018 with its first product: The Kinks, Coils & Curls Clay Wash. Since launching the Clay Wash has sold out NUMEROUS times. We have received so many positive feedback and testimonials on our first product. Rakia’s goal was to create a line that catered directly to the needs of the questions she received the most as a hair blogger. Her goal was to keep the ingredients simple but effective; with the launch of her new collection adding four other products to the Kinks, Coils & Curls Collection Rakia hopes to secure placements with major retailers such as: Walmart, Target & Sally Beauty just to name a few. The Key To Curls brand hopes to expand over the course of the next few years with so many more collections to tailor the needs of every natural individual out there.