Hey guys, so I have been dying to have my hair braided for a while now, the problem with getting braids was either the stylist was booked, charged too much or their quality of work wasn’t great. I don’t know about you but when it comes to my hair I am PICK-YYYYYYYYYYYY! No seriously I am so funny when it comes to my hair; I will literally search your social networks from old photos to new photos to see your quality of work and to see how much you’ve grown since you started. Please don’t judge me I cannot be the only person that does this. Another thing I look for in a braider is their people skills, if I message you and you don’t appear friendly theres a 9/10 chance… no wait I lie 10/10 chance I won’t do business with you. Attitude is EVERYTHING!! I’m not asking you to kiss my butt, but I at least expect you to be friendly and help me to feel comfortable.

Okay, what I really want to get into though is; do you believe that myth that if you let someone that’s pregnant braid your hair it will cause your hair to drop? I mean its 2017 are we really going to believe that? I wont judge you if you do cause theres some other crazy myths out there that I may fall victim to of believing. I bet you’re wondering why did I ask this random question huh? Soooo, like I mentioned earlier I have been wanting braids for a while now but I COULD NOT find anyone to braid my hair, I started asking around and I got some referrals so BOOM I made my appointment. I just want to point out that this young lady from I messaged her; she made me felt comfortable it was like she knew me a very long time. I love her personality it was so warm and inviting, I then went to look at her work I liked what I saw she produced great quality work PERFECT! The other thing I LOVED was that she took me LAST MINUTE like very last minute I can’t tell you how much that meant as I’ve been getting blown off by so many others. Okay so appointment made, hair bought I’m ready to RE-UNITE with my braids. I got to my appointment and I asked for her looked at the lady who’s braiding my hair and BAMMMMM she’s PREGNANT!! AHHHHHHHH THE HORROR!! LOL LOL, but no I wasn’t afraid in fact I am so use to pregnant people playing in my hair it didn’t phase me at all. I am my mothers oldest child and my entire life growing up as a kid my mom did my hair pregnant and all and I’ve always had the luck of having a full head of hair… well not always but you get the point.

In all honesty I really admire her drive, when I saw her stomach I felt bad considering the style I wanted knowing the time it would take I wanted to cancel just out of consideration but the good Lord knows I couldn’t. I know, I know…shame on me lol. She motivated me though, I know that it must have been pretty exhausting standing on your feet all day to braid and then going to take someone last minute. What I admired the most was her attitude the entire time; super PLEASANT! Not a fuss, no attitude….nothing. Oh yes super random fact her birthday just happened to be on my birthday I thought that was soooo cool. I absolutely had to tip her, it just would not have been right if I didn’t. I was more than grateful and appreciative of everything that she did for me. Most importantly I love my braids I’m just sad that by the time I’m ready for a re-do she wont be there, there I go again being selfish *hides face*.

So if you are living in Nassau or visiting and you are looking to have braids done, be sure to message @kekethebraider on Instagram. I will definitely keep you guys updated on whether my hair survived the myth or not If you want to see the full braids just click on the image below to zoom in….. Stay tuned 🙂



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