OMG OMG OMG!!! How often do you get to meet the person behind the BIG & POPULAR hair page that reposts your hair photos?! I am normally not Starstruck but this felt so surreal to me. For the 4 months that I have been blogging it has been nothing short of amazing; just to know that my photos were being noticed all around the world that was such an amazing feeling. So last night on November 20th I got to meet the CEO & Founder of @naturallyshesdope on Instagram and by the way, her name is Toya.

This lady has such a beautiful spirit, from the way she greeted us to the effortless conversations with myself and the other beautiful ladies that attended she left us;  most importantly me feeling so inspired and confident. Her page represents her so well. A woman of substance with a pleasant and appealing attitude who wants to help empower and encourage other beautiful ladies; that I can say she is definitely doing. What’s so inspiring to me is her story behind creating her page I feel so many of us women can relate to it. Who here has ever experienced a really horrible breakup?! If you were to dear sit here and say you haven’t leave the page NOW! LOL no but seriously, she was experiencing a horrible break up and that pushed her to create her brand @naturallyshesdope. Needless to say, God allows everything to happen in our lives for a reason whether we believe that or not; not sure how her future would’ve looked if it weren’t for that. It was a total girl boss move and that unfortunate heartbreak brought her a lot of success.

How did I end up meeting her? She posted a photo on Instagram asking her followers if they were from The Bahamas to DM her, another follower of mine (who is also another big hair page called @megacurlcrush) tagged me in the photo. She then sent me a DM (direct message) and we agreed to meet up as SLS Baha Mar. It was an amazing night, coupled with a few light drinks, stories, and good laughter. This was the night we walked in as strangers but left as sisters. I look forward to seeing more of Toya here in The Bahamas as she currently lives in New Jersey and I am more than sure that we will be seeing her again VERY VERY SOON!



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  • Naturallyshesdope Nov 25, 2017, at 16:52

    I am Soooooo humbled!!! Thank you!!!! **thug tear** lol. Such a great night!!! Will see u soon!! ❤️❤️


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